Dr. Cueva in Tijuana Mexico offers Ultrashape

Just FYI,
You can go to http://www.ultrashape.com/ for a list of doctors in Mexico, Canada, the UK, South Africa, France, etc. And if you are interested in an Ultrashape treatment in Tijuana Mexico, you can go to -

Dr. Cueva's clinic called Laserium, which has a spa and clinic there in TJ. They are in front of BK and a couple doors down from McD's. You can get a facial or massage the same day of your Ultrashape. I got escape del dia "escape the day" which had 3 treatments (facial, hand treatment and massage) and I paid $75 US dollars, plus tip, for all 3 relaxing treatments.)
Ana was my nurse for my last treatment and she is Great. She listens, offers diet tips right after, is friendly, and very helpful.

The Phone to Dr. Cueva is available in my research, along with 14 other pages of helpful information (and pics) for you, as a consumer.

As of March 2008, I would reccommend not going to Tijuana alone, bring a friend. Be smart.
As of APRIL 30th, I would be very careful going to Tijuana. Are you aware of the current situation of that city? Americans have stopped traveling there for fun as they are scared. It is sad to see the decline in tourism for that city and country. Until now, I have always enjoyed going down there with my other spanish teacher friends. We'd shop, enjoy the fool, walk around, have fun and return home.

DISCLAIMER - This is my personal experience. I strongly encourage you to research this independently. Results may vary. This worked for me, I hope it works for you.

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